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August 2016

AD 12 – The Emperor Caligula is Born

31 August,


Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus GermanicusAKA Caligula the future emperor of Rome and son of the very popular Germanicus was born on this day in AD 12. Continue reading “AD 12 – The Emperor Caligula is Born”

1835 – Melbourne Founded

30 August

The city of Melbourne was founded 181 years ago when settlers landed on the North bank of the Yarra River. At the time of the arrival of the western settlers the area was inhabited by three local tribes the Wurundjeri, Boonwurrung and Wathaurong.

Continue reading “1835 – Melbourne Founded”

1914 – The Battle of Tannenberg

26-30 August

The Battle of Tannenberg saw the German forces under the command of Paul von Hindenburg inflict one of the most complete defeats in military history on the Russian second army.

Continue reading “1914 – The Battle of Tannenberg”

Lead Sling bullets that whistle

A recent excavation at what is believed to be the site of the first battle of the Roman invasion of Scotland around 140 AD, has uncovered a number of lead slingshot that contained drilled holes. Continue reading “Lead Sling bullets that whistle”

Roman Mithras Mosaic Discovered

A mosaic depicting the Roman zodiac has been discovered in the Hisar region of Turkey. Continue reading “Roman Mithras Mosaic Discovered”

Roman era workshop found in Israel

The workshop which apparently functioned as a ceramics factory was discovered in Shlomi, a town near the Lebanon border.

Continue reading “Roman era workshop found in Israel”

AD 14 Augustus the first emperor of Rome Dies

19 August

Born Gaius Octavius 23 September 63 BC, he was adopted by his great uncle Julius Caesar and named his heir after Caesar’s assassination in 44 BC. Continue reading “AD 14 Augustus the first emperor of Rome Dies”

1940 – ‘The Hardest Day’ Air Battle

18 August


As part of Hitler’s plan to invade the United Kingdom in operation Sea Lion, the Luftwaffe had to establish air superiority in order for the planned invasion fleet to be able to deliver troops unmolested by the RAF.

Continue reading “1940 – ‘The Hardest Day’ Air Battle”

Silver Denarii hoard discovered at Empuries Site

Recent excavations at the Empuries site on the Cost Brava, which has been the subject of excavations for 180 years has yielded another major find. Continue reading “Silver Denarii hoard discovered at Empuries Site”

778 – The Battle of Roncevaux Pass

15 August

The Battle of Roncevaux Pass in 778 saw a large force of Basques ambush a part of Charlemagne’s army in Roncevaux Pass, a high mountain pass in the Pyrenees on the border between France and Spain, after his invasion of the Iberian Peninsula. Continue reading “778 – The Battle of Roncevaux Pass”

718 – Raising of the Second Arab Siege of Constantinople

15 August

The Second Arab siege of Constantinople (717–718) was finally raised after a year of conflict. Continue reading “718 – Raising of the Second Arab Siege of Constantinople”

717 – Second Arab Siege of Constantinople begins

15 August

The Second Arab siege of Constantinople in 717–718 was a combined land and sea offensive by the Muslim Arabs of the Umayyad Caliphate against the capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire), Constantinople. Continue reading “717 – Second Arab Siege of Constantinople begins”

636 – The Battle of Yarmouk

15 August

The Battle of Yarmouk was a major battle between the army of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) and the Muslim Arab forces of the Rashidun Caliphate.

Continue reading “636 – The Battle of Yarmouk”

Modern Olympian Phelps – greatest title holder of all time

Ancient Olympic Athletes - Vase detail

Champion American swimmer Michael Phelps has broken a 2000 year old Ancient Olympic record after competing in the Rio Olympics this week. Continue reading “Modern Olympian Phelps – greatest title holder of all time”

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