22 July

The Old Swiss Confederacy decisively defeat the army of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor on this day in 1499 and establish a de facto independence of Switzerland from the Holy Roman Empire.

On 19 July, Imperial troops marching on Dornach castle were sighted, and Solothurn called Bern for help. Bern sent 5000 troops, Zurich 400, and smaller contingents from Uri, Unterwalden and Zug also started to move to Dornach. On 20 July, 600 troops left Lucerne. The Austrians had about 16,000 troops. The first attacks on 22 July were executed by the troops of Bern, Zurich and Solothurn, but they were beaten back. Only with the arrival of the reinforcements from Lucerne and Zug, which suddenly broke out of the woods “with horns and shouting” were the Imperial troops turned to flight after several hours’ fighting. The commander of the Imperial troops, Heinrich von Fürstenberg, was killed in the early stages of fighting.

The battle of Dornach was the last armed conflict between the Swiss and the Holy Roman Empire.