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April 2016

1479 BC – Thutmose III ascends to the throne of Egypt

24 April

Thutmose III (meaning “Thoth is born”) was the sixth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty. Continue reading “1479 BC – Thutmose III ascends to the throne of Egypt”

AD 238 Senate outlaws Roman Emperor Maximinus Thrax

22 April – the Roman Senate outlaws the emperor Maximinus Thrax for carrying out bloodthirsty proscriptions in Rome. Continue reading “AD 238 Senate outlaws Roman Emperor Maximinus Thrax”

1977 – Optical fibre

21 April

For the first time, optical fibre is used to carry live telephone traffic. Continue reading “1977 – Optical fibre”

1944 – the first use of helicopters in combat

22 April

The 1st Air Commando Group using Sikorsky R-4 helicopters stage the first use of helicopters in combat with combat search and rescue operations in the China Burma India Theater. Continue reading “1944 – the first use of helicopters in combat”

43 BC – Battle of Mutina

21 April

The Battle of Mutina was fought on this day in 43 BC between the forces of Mark Antony and the forces of Octavian. Continue reading “43 BC – Battle of Mutina”

753 BC the traditional date for Romulus’ founding of Rome

21 April – is the traditional date for the founding of Rome by Romulus.  Continue reading “753 BC the traditional date for Romulus’ founding of Rome”

Roman villa uncovered under Wiltshire lawn

While workers were digging a trench to lay some electrical cable for home owner Luke Irwin in Wiltshire, they discovered a Roman era mosaic floor which would lead to the discovery of one of Britain’s best preserved Roman villas.

Continue reading “Roman villa uncovered under Wiltshire lawn”

Free resource about Athenian Pottery

An amazing resource for anyone interested in ancient Greek pottery has been made available through Getty publications for free.  Toby Schreiber’s 1999 book Athenian Vase Construction: a Potter’s Analysis. Continue reading “Free resource about Athenian Pottery”

A.D. 65 The Pisonian conspiracy revealed

The so-called Pisonian conspiracy led by Giaus Calpurnius Piso, involved a number of the influential Romans in the plan to assassinate the Roman emperor Nero. Continue reading “A.D. 65 The Pisonian conspiracy revealed”

Gladiators drank the Roman equivalent of Red Bull

Recent research published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE investigated the diet of Roman gladiators in the second and third centuries A.D. and were able to determine the diet of the gladiators and what appears to have been a Roman era energy drink. Continue reading “Gladiators drank the Roman equivalent of Red Bull”

531 – Battle of Callinicum

19 April

The Battle of Callinicum took place on this day in 531 AD, between the armies of the Byzantine Empire under Belisarius and the Sassanid Persians under Āzārethes. Continue reading “531 – Battle of Callinicum”

Colosseum makeover stage one nearly complete

The Colosseum has over the past two thousand years suffered due to environmental pollution, discolouring many of the Travertine surfaces. Continue reading “Colosseum makeover stage one nearly complete”

1906 – San Francisco earthquake

18 April

The 1906 San Francisco earthquake struck at 5:12 a.m. on this day in 1906 with an estimated moment magnitude of 7.8 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of XI (Extreme). Continue reading “1906 – San Francisco earthquake”

1988 – Operation Praying Mantis

18 April

Operation Praying Mantis was an attack on this day in 1988, by U.S. forces within Iranian territorial waters in retaliation for the Iranian mining of the Persian Gulf during the Iran–Iraq war and the subsequent damage to an American warship. Continue reading “1988 – Operation Praying Mantis”

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