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April 2016

1992 – Los Angeles riots

29 April

The 1992 Los Angeles riots, were a series of riots, looting, arsons, and civil disturbance that occurred in Los Angeles County, California, in 1992. Continue reading “1992 – Los Angeles riots”

A.D. 32 The Roman Emperor Otho was born

28 April AD 32 the future  Roman emperor Otho was born. Continue reading “A.D. 32 The Roman Emperor Otho was born”

Palmyra could be rebuilt in 5 years?

Maamoun Abdulkarim, Syria’s antiquities chief, says that with UNESCO’s approval Palmyra could be restored in five years.

Continue reading “Palmyra could be rebuilt in 5 years?”

1865 – The ‘Sultana’ disaster

27 April

Sultana was a Mississippi River side-wheel steamboat that exploded on this day in 1865. Continue reading “1865 – The ‘Sultana’ disaster”

A.D. 395 Aelia Eudoxia marries Emperor Arcadius

27 April – Aelia Eudoxia the daughter of the Frankish general Flavius Bauto marries the Emperor Arcadius. Continue reading “A.D. 395 Aelia Eudoxia marries Emperor Arcadius”

1986 – The Chernobyl nuclear disaster

26 April

The Chernobyl disaster was a catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred on this day in 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the city of Pripyat, then located in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of the Soviet Union. Continue reading “1986 – The Chernobyl nuclear disaster”

Reinheitsgebot is 500 years old

On the 23rd of April – Germany’s beer purity law the Reinheitsgebot turned 500 years old. Continue reading “Reinheitsgebot is 500 years old”

Don’t Worry be Happy – Mosaic discovered

A mosaic featuring a happy skeleton has been discovered in what used to be Antioch. Continue reading “Don’t Worry be Happy – Mosaic discovered”

A.D. 121 Marcus Aurelius was born

26 April A.D. 121 the future Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius was born. Continue reading “A.D. 121 Marcus Aurelius was born”

1945 – Battle of Bautzen

26 April

The Battle of Bautzen is the last successful German tank-offensive of the war and last noteworthy victory of the Wehrmacht. Continue reading “1945 – Battle of Bautzen”

1916 – ANZAC Day

25 April

ANZAC Day is commemorated for the first time on the first anniversary of the landing at ANZAC Cove. Continue reading “1916 – ANZAC Day”

1915 – The Battle of Gallipoli begins

25 April

The invasion of the Turkish Gallipoli Peninsula by Australian, British, French and New Zealand troops begins with landings at ANZAC Cove and Cape Helles.

1915 – The Armenian Genocide begins

24 April

The Armenian Genocide was the Ottoman government’s systematic extermination of its minority Armenian subjects inside their historic homeland, which lies within the present-day Republic of Turkey. Continue reading “1915 – The Armenian Genocide begins”

1184 BC – Traditional date of the fall of Troy

24 April

In Greek mythology, the Trojan War was waged against the city of Troy by the Achaeans (Greeks) after Paris of Troy took Helen from her husband Menelaus, king of Sparta. Continue reading “1184 BC – Traditional date of the fall of Troy”

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