20 December

The evacuation was the best-executed segment of the entire Allied campaign. Suvla and Anzac  beaches were to be evacuated in late December, the last troops leaving before dawn on this day in 1915.

Troop numbers had been slowly reduced since 7 December 1915 and ruses, such as William Scurry’s self-firing rifle, which had been rigged to fire by water dripped into a pan attached to the trigger, were used to disguise the Allied departure. At Anzac Cove troops maintained silence for an hour or more, until curious Ottoman troops ventured to inspect the trenches, whereupon the Anzacs opened fire. A mine was detonated at the Nek which killed 70 Ottoman soldiers. The Allied force was embarked, with the Australians suffering no casualties on the final night, but large quantities of supplies and stores fell into Ottoman hands.