8 December

Battle of Canhe Slope refers to a battle in 395 where the Chinese/Xianbei state Later Yan, then ruling over northern and central China, had launched a punitive campaign against its former vassal Northern Wei, also of Xianbei extraction.

Later Yan forces were led by its crown prince Murong Bao and and enjoyed some initial successes, but after being frustrated by the containment strategy of Northern Wei’s prince Tuoba Gui (the later Emperor Daowu), withdrew. Tuoba Gui then gave chase and crushed Later Yan forces at Canhe Slope. He captured a large number of Later Yan forces as captive, but in fear that releasing them would allow a future Later Yan campaign against Northern Wei, slaughtered them. The battle reversed the power relations between Later Yan and Northern Wei. After Later Yan’s emperor Murong Chui (Emperor Wucheng) died in 396 and Murong Bao succeeded to the throne (as Emperor Huimin), Northern Wei would launch a debilitating campaign of conquest against Later Yan, and by 398 had captured most of Later Yan’s territory, reducing Later Yan to a small regional state.