22 September – On this day

The Battle of Râmnic was fought on this day in 1789. It took place in Wallachia, near Râmnicu Sărat, during the Russo-Turkish War of 1787-1792.

The Russian general Alexander Suvorov, acting together with the Habsburg general Prince Josias of Coburg, attacked the main Ottoman army under Grand Vizier Cenaze Hasan Pasha. In September 1789, the Ottoman vizier, vowing revenge for their forces’ defeat at Focșani, raised an army of 100,000 soldiers consisting mostly of Janissaries to defeat the combined Austro-Russian armies. He launched his offensive against the 18,000-strong Austrian detachment, convinced that he could defeat this force easily. Suvorov and his 7,000-strong force marched to the Austrians aid, arriving at the eve of the battle.

Suvorov effectively divided his combined army into two columns to advance towards the Ottoman formations, and after crossing the river Rymna, launched his attack. As the columns advanced they crippled the enemy artillery and adopted infantry square formations to repel massive enemy cavalry counter-attacks. Once they broke up the cavalry attacks, the Russians stormed an enemy camp and routed the forces there completely.

In the middle of the afternoon the Russians stormed Ottoman fortifications near the village Bogsa and reunited with the Austrian army, the combined army then advanced towards the main Ottoman camp located in the forest nearby. While the Austrians pinned down the enemy troops, the rest of Suvorov’s army outflanked the Ottomans causing panic and a rout. The Ottomans had nowhere to retreat but across the Rymnik river, many drowning as they attempted to cross it.

At the cost of a some 700 casualties, Suvorov inflicted about 20,000+ casualties on the Turks, who were now in full retreat from the Danubian Principalities. Aside from very heavy losses, the Turks lost all of their artillery and their baggage train.