15 September – On this day – The Turning Point

Kesselring makes another great effort against London. 

He plans two main raids but they cannot be timed to catch the RAF fighters refuelling because his strength is sufficiently reduced that he must send the same fighters on both occasions. He can muster about 400 fighters but less than 200 bombers in the morning attack. The fighting is very heavy with the Germans being harried all the way to London, then being heavily engaged over London and all the way back to the coast. The bombers are not able to drop their loads with any accuracy at all. The afternoon shows a similar story but the fighter battles are more intense and the bombers bomb nearer to their targets as a consequence. Although the fighter combats have gone about equally the German bomber losses are very severe. Many more German bombers have been damaged or have crewmen dead or wounded. Their morale suffers as they meet up to 300 RAF fighters in one raid after their leaders have told them that the RAF as a whole has less than this number. Although it is not apparent at the time or for several weeks afterward, this is the last real attempt by the Luftwaffe to destroy the resistance of Fighter Command. The Battle is turning in favour of the RAF.

Losses for today:

Luftwaffe: 60

RAF: 26