3 September – Germany ‘Operation Sealion’

The operational orders for the invasion of Britain are issued …..

It is confirmed that the decision to go will be taken 10 days before the invasion is to take place. S-Day is now scheduled for 21 September.

Operation Sealion plans provide for elements of 11 divisions to make the assault. Two airborne divisions are to be sent in at once, but the other nine will start 6700 strong and will only reach full strength after several days. About 250 tanks are to accompany the assault. Four divisions of the Sixteenth Army with airborne support are to land near Folkestone, two of the Ninth Army near Eastbourne and three more of the Ninth army, also with airborne support at Brighton. These beaches will not be mutually supporting in the early stages.

At this time the defending British forces have only made a partial recovery from the equipment losses at Dunkirk. There are perhaps four divisions fully equipped and about eight more in a reasonable state. In addition, there are various mobile brigade groups. There are about 350 tanks in the country and about 500 antitank guns.