28 August – On this day

South Africa

The last great ruler of Zululand, King Cetshwayo kaMpande is captured by the British on this day in 1879.

In December 1878, Cetshwayo rejected the British demand that he disband his troops, and in January British forces invaded Zululand to suppress Cetshwayo. The British suffered grave defeats at Isandlwana, where 1,300 British soldiers were killed or wounded, and at Hlobane Mountain, but on March 29 the tide turned in favour of the British at the Battle of Khambula.

Cetshwayo had been sheltered in a village since 3 July and fled upon hearing news of defeat at the Battle of Ulundi. He was finally captured on 28 August by soldiers at a kraal in the middle of the Ngome forest.

He was exiled to London, where he would be held prisoner for three years.